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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

European Parliament TV: Focus on Copyright

Here's the documented shredding of the Cory Doctorow prints 03.32 - 05.22, with a lively chat about copyright and copy-wrong afterward . Be sure not to miss the 'industry and artist representative' who dictates what artists want in complete contradiction of the two artist case studies that precede her.

(At risk of repeating myself - excuse me) I hope the kid in the bedroom does make screensavers or a fansite mash-up out of my images, likewise the blogger when illustrating their articles. I ask them to credit me (BY), (preferably to link), not to charge anyone to access it (NC) and that they share any mash-ups with the same (share alike) license.

To misquote an oft repeated mantra : 'obscurity is my professional enemy, not piracy'.

If you're a magazine, TV company, Advertising agency, ring-fenced online newspaper or other entity (now in existence or to be birthed in the future), and you would like to use my image to enhance your 'paid-for' content, then email me for my usage rates and I'll be happy to quote you.

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