Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Open and Connected Teaching and Learning in a paragraph.

Here's a task:  Please sum up Open and Connected Learning in a paragraph for instructors entirely new to the concept.
Open as in openly accessible (free-speech),  open to improvement (in beta) and open to being shared.

Connected refers to both our on and offline communities and acknowledges that we are part of their fabric.

'Teaching Openly' means we can both draw on our communities as a resource and when we need to, leverage their influence, however these relationships are collaborative, not dictatorial. Its essential that the communities are intrinsically motivated by being a valued part of the process, rather than a patronised consumer of a product.
In practical terms this means making those 'learning moments', outward facing (there's a raft of different ways we can do this) and understanding that for most people these moments will be their 'touch-points' .  The degree to which you engage them in these there, will directly effect your ability to draw on them in turn.

This was a #fail - too abstract - any thoughts?