Tuesday, 13 March 2012


 Over on HUNGRYEYE there's a podchat between me and publisher Grant Scott. He asks what my motivation was for making phonar and picbod open and why I think photographers and educators have a lot in common.

WARNING: It's a bit shouty.


  1. Brilliant Jonathan, I really enjoyed that.
    As an educator myself who often struggles with management/colleagues who are jaded and stuck in 'better days' I reckon Cov university and the students you work with are fortunate to have access to your experience, passion and most importantly foresight in these rapidly changing times.



  2. Thanks for the support David, I've had a lot of feedback like that via twitter (people struggling against the system), I'm glad we've all made this "network" to find and look out for each other. I guess the next thing is to extend the network to our students/classes and see if we can support each other that way too. jw