Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I'm in New York to take part in Fred Ricthin's "What Matters Now" but I didn't need to come all this way, in fact I didn't even need to be invited to take part - and neither do you...
You have reached an experiment, an attempt to ask each other What Matters Now? We hope to be able to provide enough important answers to the question so as to create, in effect, Proposals for a New Front Page. 
Why a new front page? Because with the enormous amount of information on the Web, with the billions of images available, it is hard to focus on what is important. There are few filters (curators, editors, advisors, consultants) to suggest what we should be looking at beyond what is left of the conventional media in order to better understand the world we live in. If these filters do exist they tend to be very imperfect algorithms (aka Google), not people. 
If your house were on fire, would you depend upon a search engine to tell you what to do?