Friday, 22 April 2011

Tim Hetherington 1970-2011.

I've been throwing all of my time of late into the open classes and writing a new open MA course for Coventry University so this blog has been left largely and regretfully untended, however as you've passed by I'd urge you on this occasion to pass on through straight to David Campbell's tribute to Tim Hetherington .

I owe a great debt to Tim whom I only spoke to briefly on a few occasions. I won't claim to have known him but he still taught me a great deal. So much so that the MA I've been writing makes numerous references to Post-Photography, and Post-Photographers and constantly sites his practice as being pivotal, I regret enormously that I'll no longer be able to look across at what he's doing for inspiration and direction. The world is definitely a darker place for photography and photographers this morning.