Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Words and pictures ... a brainstorm of Photography Books

Yesterday I forwarded a tweet from fellow Photographer Adele Reed ( @thecatbath ) who was looking for photobooks/photographers that used words and pictures - what followed was a flurry of brainstorming inspiration from some great people who happened to be tuned in at the same time.

Below are the results - please drop anything into comments that's missing and I'll update.

From the seemingly inexhaustible Wayne Ford

Les Krims
Making Chicken Soup

Ana Atkins
Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions

Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexander Rodchaeno
Pro Eto. Ei i Mne

Will McBride
Show Me! A Picture Book of Sex for Children and Parents

Klaus Staeck

Bill Burke
I Want to Take Pictures

Christian Boltanski
Inventairedes objects ayant appartenu a une femme de Bois-Colombes

Christian Boltanski

Sophie Calle
La Fille du docteur

Jim Goldberg
Raised by Wolves

Jim Goldberg
Open See

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Malerei Fotografie Film

Vitezslav Nezal
ABECEDA: Tanecni komposice

Paul Strand and Claude Roy
La France de profil

Marc Attali and Jacques Delfau
Les Erotiques du regard

Sanne Sannes
Sex a Gogo

Kikuji Kawada

Julian Schnabel, Alec Soth's collaboration with Lester B. Morrison.
Lee Friedlander's 'Letters from the People.'
Oh, and the constructivist photographers, Rodchenko etc.
What about Horst P. Horst's classic Vogue cover were models made up magazine logo?

From Aaron Guy
Joel Sternfeld When it changed is an interesting use of image and text. You should asked @wayneford he may have info.
@wayneford cancel my last suggestion I see he is on the case.
@c0llinsphoto or if needed either DHurn or MPower are options.
Robert Frank - Story lines Jim Goldberg - rich poor to open see Ed Templeton - age of neglect
Mark Power - shipping forecast 26different endings etc use text with the image John Kippin - check his large exhibits
Maybe try fashion mags like Tar or Pop.
last one and a wild card but worth a look John Wood try the book on the edge of clear meaning.
Julian Germain 'in soccer wonderland' & 'In soccer wonderland' stamp collection
definitely the last. Julian Germain 'War Memorial' I have just looked love it.

Got one sample here:

Fay Godwin did at least one book with the great poet Ted Hughes.
Just looking through the shelves and saw Wim Wenders - Once. Text and photos. Once I did etc + photo. Like that one.
Larry Towell's book The World From... lots of writing, music, text, family history, poems
Robert Frank/Thank You. Little book with postcards written to him by fans/frends. Love this

"Trip" by Susan Lipper "Philosophers" (although I'm sure that was the 1st 1 you thought of)

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  1. A few more suggestions if needed!

    Wim Wenders - Once
    Vigo Mortenson - Everything! see his publishing site here -
    - often combining song/poetry/spoken word with images
    Dorothea Lange - An American Exodus
    Joel Sternfeld - On this Site
    Jeff Brouws - Readymades (book) /Language (online)
    Rudy Adler, Victoria Criada, Brett Huneycutt - Border Film Project