Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Photography and Narrative - preparation.

Intro to the course:

As described in my post here, "Photography and Narrative" is a third year BA Hons Photography class taught at Coventry University in the UK.

Timetable structure and assignments will follow, however, and unfortunately due to copyright restrictions I won't be able to publish all the material that I'll be using for inspiration and reference. I can though, list artists and subjects I'll be talking about in lectures, and where possible, I'll teach from material that's openly available to all.

The Hashtag for the course is #phonar please use this so we can search your Tweets. If you don't know what a Hashtag is then you can learn about them here ,then why not join our Twub!
Likewise you're encouraged to share any expanded research (the purpose of our open forums and discussion), if there's a pertinent subject or practitioner that should be included then please do comment or tweet it and I'll endeavour to include an update accordingly.

Intro to the class:

This class sits at the foot of the third and final year for our students, as such it's purpose is to inspire, challenge and maybe even provoke the student into producing a number of photographic responses. There's no demand for projects be polished final artifacts when submitted, instead the emphasis is on generating ideas and leads that inform final major degree projects.

Collaboration with both subjects and other practitioners will be a constant theme, as will investigating notions of ownership and authorship.

Preparation for first class back:

In preparation for this module you should continue to garner images every day, either by making photographs or collecting them.

When editing your photographs you should title each with a single word.

At the end of each week you should group the pictures into sets.

You should consider each picture a word within a sentence.

From this material please prepare one or more short photographic poems or aphorism for the first session back after the Summer break (Wednesday 13th Oct).

These will be reviewed by John Levy of FOTO8 Magazine at Host Gallery in London.

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  1. I'm going to try my best to do this!