Tuesday, 6 July 2010

RSA Fellow's Profile

Jonathan Worth FRSA, a photographer, talks here of his work in the industry and challenging the traditional ways of working:

"Through my practice as a photographer and recently in my role at Coventry University, I research, develop and share new business models, and modes of working for photographers. My academic role is specifically to open out our teaching strategies to invite in the broader global community, engage the students with international practitioners and practices."

On joining the Fellowship: "I was very flattered to be asked to join, in recognition of my work. Specifically noted was a live trial that applied lessons learned from the sci-fi writer Cory Doctorow (who makes money from giving his books away free). This involved what Chris Anderson in his book "Free", calls 'versioning'. It meant in this case, allowing people to download my images for free but also enabling them to purchase a range of "exclusive" versions of the same thing. In a nutshell; Free brought a wave of followers and granted me access to people who demanded a premium product."

On contributing to Fellowship/Society: "Hopefully I can contribute as part of a conversation about the topics mentioned above. My role at Coventry University enables me to learn a great deal from the young people that I work with, helping me to begin to understand how their digital media habits will shape our futures. And likewise how we and they, might use those habits to inform our practices."

On what he would change in society given the chance: "As the internet is providing new architectures for collaborative learning, I'd remove traditional (broadcast) 'hierarchical modes of teaching', stop tethering learners to single location based institutions and recognise new, and ongoing, qualifying criteria."

On a recent bit of news which inspired him: "I heard that the photographer Rob Hornstra is putting into practice a lot of the ideas that I’ve been talking about on my blog and doing so very successfully. He has been featured at the New York Photo festival this year, which I think is fantastic. I describe his work on my blog."

On another Fellow he has spoken to: "Cory Doctorow and Jon Levy are inspirations to me, with both being very patient and generous in their support."

On connecting with other Fellows: "I always love to meet people trying to exploit the very things that most threaten their traditional modes of working. On a more practical note, I’m currently sourcing families of serving military personnel for a photographic project about the invisible and involuntary support network on which our soldiers rely. Broadly it is a quiet homage to those mums, dads, sisters, wives, children etc.

If you would like to be involved please contact me directly via my website,
by email: mail@jonathanworth.com
by telephone: +44 (0)7900 801 430
or skype: jDubbyah"

Jonathan Worth by Paul Wright © 2009

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