Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Photography BA Teaching Assistant sought.

Coventry University are seeking to appoint a Photography Teaching Assistant to work closely alongside senior staff,
the gist of the pitch as far as I'm aware is below, as soon as I have the application link I'll post it but it will be on this page (linked here). Updated link here

The Photography BA Hons. has begun to establish itself at the forefront of its field within two years of opening the doors, and both Staff and students have won awards nationally and internationally for their work.

The degree's core tenet is to actively research and embed sustainable working practices throughout and beyond the course, with an outward facing philosophy that pro-actively connects with like-minded, global communities of learner practitioners.

We actively consider the roles of photographers and photography in the digital age, both in the broad social context and with respect to arcane, artisanal practices.

We value artisanal practice very highly and are excited by the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

I don't know what the rate is I think it's
£22-30,000 GBP ($33,500 - 45,500 USD or € 26,500 - 36,000 EURO)

They'll also be hiring a Senior Lecturer too very soon, I'll post the link to that as soon as I have it.

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