Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Rob Hornstra talking about the future of photojournalism

The Slow Photojournalism, NOW. As evidenced by the Working Practices of Rob Hornstra over at NY Photo Festival.


Here's a longer interview with Hornstra by Joerg Colberg in which he picks his working practices apart further.

"I don't view self-publishing as extra work. It is a part of my work and actually one of the parts, which I like the most. I don't see myself as a photographer in a way that I am always carrying a camera or that I always need to make pictures. I never make pictures, only when I am working on a documentary. Actually, I think when asked for my occupation I should answer that I am not a photographer, but a documentary maker. In this profession you need to do lots of things: Organizing money, a lot of self-study, of course making photos, publishing books, writing articles etc etc. Making photos is only a small part of the job." RH.