Wednesday, 4 November 2009

250 year old Royal Society makes Photographer, Fellow for teaching Twitter

You know that thing when you really put yourself out there, not knowing if you're 100% right but committing 100% anyway because there's no other option. Then sometimes, not always but at some point, someone you respect and admire comes along to see how you're getting on and says;

"Wow, that's great, how d'you do that?".

So it happened to me here today. For the trials with Cory Doctorow, the brainstorming with Foto8 and the Photography BA course at Coventry University in the UK (where
Blogging, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo etc are all embedded).

"In recognition of your innovation and influential role in developing new business models for photographers using the social web"

The funny thing is; it's the young Photographers that I work with and mentor who teach me all this stuff - not the other way round.

Shhh. That is all.

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